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February 15, 2023

Cleaning up OTA Disparities on Metasearch

How can you combat OTA's who insist on undercutting your direct rates on metasearch platforms like Google Hotel Ads?
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Marketing & Brand Development

Customer Acquisition, Brand Development, Recruitment Strategies

We've executed countless projects in digital and traditional marketing, brand redevelopment, employee recruitment systems and strategies, and revenue management at boutique, independent properties.

Operations & Accounting

Systems Development, Operational Consulting, Financial Management

Migis Hotel Group was a key partner in the inception and development of The Groton Inn, a boutique business travel hotel envisioned to replace the historic Groton Inn which burned down in 2011, and was believed to be the oldest operating inn in the United States. The project included the development and construction of the Inn, an on-campus, stand-alone restaurant Forge & Vine, and continued operation and management of the Inn and restaurant alike.

  • Systems & IT Case Study: Before the business world was forced by Covid-19 into online platforms that facilitate remote work, we engaged our clients in the use of business connectivity platforms.
  • Operations Case Study: Re-envisioning a classic seaside resort to maximize profitability.
  • Accounting Case Study: Leveraging best-in-class software to bring independent hotels into the 21st century financial world.

Revenue Management

Rate Management, Forecasting

Often known as the "flagship" property of Migis Hotel Group, Migis Lodge is where many of our key contributors began their careers in hospitality. A family owned and operated property since the 1920's, Migis Hotel Group has been managing the property since 2001. Impacted by various global events such as The Great Recession of 2008 and the Covid-19 pandemic, nimble operational changes have been regularly necessary to ensure financial solvency of the property due to an unprecedented drops in demand.

  • Revenue Management Case Study: Finding balance between average daily rate and occupancy during times of change are pivotal for continued success and solvency.

"Migis Hotel Group has been a wonderful partner with our Rockland hotel. They bring to the table wide expertise in hospitality operations, focus on guest experiences and solid reporting and management skills that enable us to enjoy the experience of owning a hotel."

Robert W. Armstrong III, CFO Lyman Morse Companies, 250 Main Hotel