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Hospitality management companies offer a fairly standard suite of services – financial reporting, HR, operations oversight, revenue management marketing. How to tell one apart from another?

We know where you are. We hear you, we are owners too. We have experience in the hospitality industry both as operators and as owners, so we understand what you are looking for and need. Here are six questions we know you have as an owner, or should have, if it’s your first time to this party:

What Are My Financial Expectations?

If you aren’t seeking a return on investment in your property, you’ve probably stumbled onto this page by accident. Profitability is every owner’s priority, whether you are running a family business, have partner/investors with a clear set of financial expectations for the project, or are working with a lender who requires you to hire a professional management company.

Is My Business Getting The Attention It Needs?

Many management companies work with any number of properties, your business needs to have and receive the attention it needs in order to achieve the goals you have set for it with the management company you have hired. Further, your management company needs to manage all aspects of your property’s operation. How does your management company deliver this for you?

Are Transitions Smooth and Easy?

If you’re currently working with a management company, or contemplating your first dive into working with one, you want to ensure a smooth transition of all operational pieces. Financial reporting, AP, paychecks and benefits must continue seamlessly; oversight of operations, integration of systems, revenue strategy, sales and marketing need to overlap with existing efforts. Our process of onboarding a hotel property relies on an experience-based, established critical path ensuring that nothing gets dropped and business momentum doesn’t skip a beat.

What Does Accountability Look Like?

Transparency and immediate financial reporting are crucial. A good management company is able to accommodate an owner who is curious and wants to keep in close touch about day to day operations and financials as one who prefers a hands off approach with monthly reporting. Timely and accurate financial reporting, payroll and benefits, property market position are just a few key performance indicators. Investors and banks require timely, comprehensive financial reporting in order to facilitate your goals with them.

How Much Industry Experience Should My Partners Have?

Before tying the knot, check out the management company’s client portfolio. A diverse set of clients speaks to a management company’s ability to perform at different scales and under different conditions, customizing services to each client’s specific needs rather than cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Are My Values Appreciated?

Every owner has a vision for their business. A management company worth their salt understands how to honor and promote the culture you want to instill at your business/is important to you. Are you a steward of a historic property? Can your management company assist you with your stewardship?

Aligned Culture, Vision, Mission, and Values

A good fit for an owner-management company relationship can be gleaned from shared values. What are yours?

Our vision is to be an exemplary leader in hospitality.

Our mission is to foster engaging workplaces, experience, and partnerships that allow our employees, guests, and partners to rest easy.

We believe that the key to our success begins with the people with whom we work. Our hospitality, and therefore our ability to distinguish ourselves in the industry, is predicated
upon having teams of people who are well-supported, support each other, and love what they do.

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