Landace Porta

Director of Operations


As a wedding coordinator at Pineland Farms, Landace fell in love with the hospitality industry, having learned about organization, scheduling, client communication, client relationships, being part of trade organizations and vendor relationships.

She then fell in love with Jed (see smiling guy above). As a Director of Operations, Landace is responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations as several properties. She sets her primary focus on people, working diligently to give them the tools and support needed to succeed and grow in their roles. Landace enjoys creating efficiencies in processes that allow people and businesses to grow to their full potential. By being transparent, authentic and accessible as a leader, she strives to provide an environment that is supportive and engaging. When asked about what she enjoys most about her work, “Interacting with our team of truly dedicated and talented leaders and creating systems that allow us to be better operators.”